The Secret Of Legal Diet Pills

After Garcinia Slim helped me lose weight I was intrigued by the diet pill industry and tried to delve a bit deep into the subject. I was astounded to find out that there are over a trillion products that are regulated every year by the FDA. It was heartening to note that most of the products that we buy off the shelves of the supermarket and over the counter in pharmacies are being monitored by this organization for safety and effectiveness. Even cosmetics and other consumer products come under its radar.

This brings to mind why are the prescription diet pills or the legal diet pills more effective and often prescribed by physicians when compared with the natural remedies abound online. For one thing, many of these products do not adhere to the FDA rules of drug labeling and often fail to mention all the ingredients used in manufacturing them. Whereas the legal pills are subject to the Physician Labeling Rule wherein all drugs meant for human consumption must be appropriately labeled and legible for physicians to read and prescribe for patients. This rule sadly does not apply to all drugs.

Further, these legal drugs use ingredients that have been tested and have found to be safe. the side effects associated with these drugs is often known and a patient is advised on this aspect once they are put on these medications. Since these pills are taken under medical supervision, the risks are negligible unlike the natural diet pills wherein the counter effects are known only when it is too late.

Legal pills target at reducing the appetite and making you feel full sooner unlike the other pills which claim to actually burn everything you eat and in fact encourage you to continue your unhealthy habits.

Consumers must be aware that there are no overnight miracles. Those suffering from weight issues must exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet and if on medication must take it under medical supervision.