What you should know about drug tests and your rights

The medical screening tests for the presence of banned substances are critical for employment and some legal cases. Some are easy and can be done in a few minutes while some may take a few days before the outcome is known. Employers can legally screen prospective employees for drug use and the safety norms advocate this as a practice to ensure safe work environment. Similarly, the drug test is a part of custody cases and accident cases.

The tests include testing breath, blood, sweat, skin, saliva and hair samples. Alcohol stays in the bloodstream for a few hours and some other chemicals can be excreted in a few days. Yet the most important tests use hair samples and people wonder as to how far back does a hair sample drug test go back. The hair continues to grow and can have some traces of drugs for months even after consumption. But the risk is minor if the test is done after a few weeks.

A legal aspect is that many states allow the use of recreational marijuana. But the legal status of employment is still not clear. Therefore, the traces of drugs in any sample may make you ineligible for employment. The only sure shot way to ensure that your tests are favorable is to have a clean system and avoid any kind of drug use. You must remember that some drugs may show up as traces even after weeks, so it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle when you know that there is a drug test possible in the near future. Yet if you have consumed some substance, then stop immediately and use detox methods as much as possible before the test.

Last but not the least, if you think that your test is wrong, then you can take a sample and get it tested in another lab and contest the previous result. Learn relevant laws and policies to protect yourself and your career. It is important to follow the latest blogs and understand all the applicable norms as you do not want to end up on the wrong side of the law.