Legal Rights – Death, Funeral Directors and Burial Issues


The events around death are traumatic and knowing what to do next is difficult, especially with legal factors to consider. Some considerations need to be taken and questions like – How long after death should the arrangements be made? There are some guides to arranging funerals and is a helpful guide to finding help when troubled about the process of death and the aftercare that’s need to have a loving send-off for you family member who has just passed away.

Death: Who has the legal right for making funeral decision?

Sometimes responsibility for the funeral arrangements can be unclear and this is when family can become distraught and upsets can occur between family members. Questions like:

  • Cremation or burial?
  • Where to have the funerial
  • Traditional funeral or unorthodox?

These questions are often very personal and the deceased did not clearly state their end of life wishes, usually in a will, it will then rest on the family to make these decisions. If a person didn’t make any formal instructions then officially the law says in the UK that the next of kin is responsible

Funeral Directors: The body, Storing, transporting and certificates

Storing the body is sometimes a legal issue because of the length of time it takes from point of death until the final resting of the deceased. The refrigeration of the deceased is acceptable as long as there is a plan in place for the burial.

The correct death certificates are important and in not completing the correct procedure can cause issues and even penalties if deemed negligible. The ideal approach is to get a copy of the death corticate for encase it is needed for family disputes or legal documents.