Acne Treatments The Right Thing For You? Read The Guide

The premise

The other day when I saw my teenage daughter making excuses for not driving up with her friend, I knew the striking similarity in the pattern. I did not have to probe and wonder for too long, a quick look at her cute innocent face would do. She was arguing with her friends on the telephone to either push the date of the drive to a week later or to go on their own.

Apparently, acne was also disturbing my clone:

Anita was my clone. Same skin type, same hair, and same eating habits. I would have been happier if it had stopped with all this. But acne!

In high school, I used to dread going to class because my face used to be full of acne. The rest of the days, there were marks which were invariably caused because I washed my face often to keep oil from building up and sometimes unconsciously I pinched and plucked! The pain was unbearable but I hated to look at myself in the mirror in those growing up years.

With time everything settled:

I do have bouts of acne in the summertime but it is only once in three-four years and not longer than a month. They eventually settle but I didn’t want my daughter’s life to be marred only because she wanted to stay put in the house and not go out with a face full of acne.

Reduce your acne with this treatment:

While you want to help our little one you also want to be careful that you do not harm her in the long run because of overmedication or unwanted chemicals and steroids. After a lot of research, I zeroed on the blue light technique which helps reduce the acne producing bacteria with the help of a blue LED ray. This was the safest and I had researched well about all the legalities before we signed up for the program. I am a glad mother of a bubbly teenager who is not afraid to push her boundaries any day; any part of the day!