You may be a person abiding all the rules and regulations laid by the local governing body. But some point of time you definitely need the services of lawyers. It could be for preparing a will, to buy a home, or to take care of the legal aspects in administering your business or estate. It is a very sad state that you might not get the services that you deserve for what you have paid.

To avoid overcharging it is best for you to agree to pay a flat fee. Most attorneys prefer to get paid on hourly basis. In certain cases where the attorney is sure that it is a prolonged and complicated case then you can pay a flat fee plus the expenses along with a low hourly fee than the standard hourly fee around. Negotiating the fees before hiring is necessary. I think this is the best lawyer firm in Conway where the lawyers do not charge anything extra.

An attorney who is being paid on hourly basis can charge you more by adding on some extra charges to the clients bills. If the bill is not listed properly then the attorney should be asked to clarify those collective terms. There are chances that you can be overbooked here. For those firms where the business is low, then they charge you for the services offered by multiple junior lawyers. You have to be specific to ask what individual talent each junior exhibited in your case. The attorney should not charge you for the non legal work like scanning, documentation, filing papers.

If an attorney is charging you for all the services that were included in your case like the other non legal staff, then definitely he is just over charging you. The client is not responsible to pay those fees

All these are red flags that your attorney is over charging you the services provided.